Hello sweet readers! ♥

How is it?
Yesterday was my family and I at the match between IF Elfsborg and IFK Gothenburg . A very entertaining match, according to me. The result was 1-1 

Have a wonderful Thursday night


Hello everyone! ♥

Came home from town for a little while ago with a pair of new autumn boots and also a new autumn jacket in my hands.
It was not quite what I was after, but I needed a pair of boots and a new jacket.

The boots: Skopunkten

The jacket: H&M

Photo marathon!

Hello! ♥
Sorry for the bad update last week, I only managed to update any.

Anyway, in saturday was me and my friend Sofia in town on photo marathon. That was really fun!

We had ten different themes, then we had five hours to get as good pictures as possible on all ten themes. I was not really happy with all my pictures. But we were so tired at the end that we could not be bothered!

Now I have some homework to do, so see you later!
Bye from Elin! ♥







Hi! ♥
As you can see, I've got a new design here on my blog. I love it!
There are only a few small things left to be changed.

It´s my friend Sofia who have help me with it. So thank you very much!
Here you can go to her blog! 

Sorry, it will be no picture today.

Have a nice evening!

Today's outfit - Wednesday

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