In school.

Hi! ♥

Now I'm sitting in school and have computer lesson. I think I'll make a new header. My header I have now is so summery. It's autumn outside now so I'll have my header more autumnal.

I will ask my friend Sofia if she can help me with it because she have Photoshop. She makes so nice designs!!

I must go now!
Have a good day.

Bye from Elin! ♥


Hello! ♥

Sorry for a bad update!!

Now I´m sitting at Karolina's place and eating breakfast. I came here at 7:20 and now we're waiting for our bus.

I have not much to write about, it has not happened so much.
We have just had a lot of homework in school, so it will be very nice with holiday next week!

Love Elin. ♥


Good evening!

Today I have spent my day at Freeport with my family. I came home with a very nice hoodie from WeSC for only 350 :-

I don't have much more to say.
Have a good evening.

Bye from Elin. ♥

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