Right now...


Earth hour

Hope you will join the Earth hour tonight from 20.30 - 21.30?

Btw, it will soon reach a new spring design on the blog, the design will be both here and on my second: www.photoobyelin.blogg.se


Hey! ♥

Now it was really long time since I last wrote!

Anyway, it's friday, and that meant weekend!
On sunday we'll go to "Boråshallen" and watch Davis cup! It will probably be fun actually.
But I need to understand the rules more, so I can provide the match..

Btw, the day before yesterday I was in town and bought a tripod and a remote trigger to the camera. You can read more on my other blog, you remeber the name!

Have a good weekend, we'll see when I update next time!

( Here is today's outfit. My photoshop is not working properly as it should, so I edited the picture in www.pixlr.com )

 Tired girl...


Hello my friends.. ♥

Now I have started my photoblog!

www.photoobyelin.blogg.se          <--------- Check this out!


Hello sunshine..

Hey! ♥

Today I took my camera out and clicked some wonderful sunshine photos.
Here are some of them..

I thinking of going out for a little while again and take some more pictures, it's not every day it's like this great weather out there and it's not every day you get these kind of nice photos!

Bye, ♥


Hello! ♥

I just wanted to say, have a wonderful holiday!



Hi! ♥

I'll soon start my own photoblog.
The name of the blog is: www.photoobyelin.blogg.se
There are only a few small details left to fix, for examlpe the design!

Hope you visit the blog when it's done!

Have a good day!!
Hugs, ♥

Before and After..

 What's done?:
               >Black and white 
           >Color Balance



I know, it has been a long time ago since I wrote now...

Now I'm sitting at Karolinas place {
www.bykarolinaa.blogg.se }
We've very fun and sitting at opposite computer, unsociable? YES! 

Have a good weekend..
Hugs! ♥


Hi! ♥

I've a feeling that 2011 will be a great year!!

I just wanted to say, have a happy new year!

( New year's eve )

Winter pictures.

Hello my readers.. ♥

How are you??

If you did not already know, I'm interested in photography, so in birthday gift I got an SLR. So yesterday I took my camera out and took some wonderful winter pictures:

Btw, in April we maybe go to Barcelona with our neighbors and I think I'll start a photoblog later, but in Swedish!!!

Merry Christmas!

The picture is the heading ♥


My Christmas outfit for this year:


Hello my readers.. ♥
It was long time ago I wrote now, so I thought I'd just throw in a quick post.

Today, last day of school was vary clam, just movies and other fun stuff. And tomorrow is the end.. FINALLY!! It means christmas holiday.
I'll show my outfit for New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve later.

Have a good christmas holiday!!
Hugs Elin. ♥

My day..


Hello! ♥

Today we had a math test in school which I think went okay. And I also got back a spanish test, and I was very proud when I saw the result!!

When I got home I went out and took some pictures because it's students choice next week and I, and two other friends choose scrapbooking and we must have with us at least ten pictures, so now I have a bit to choose from.

Have a good weekend!
Hugs! ♥

Sibling love. ♥

What do you think?

Hello my friends! ♥

The title speaks...

- What do you think about the new design??



Sofia has always been my sweet, sweet, adorable little friend. She is a friend who is always there for me. She listens and cares about me. She is my refuge, my rock, with her I feel good. She motivates me like no one else does. A friendship like ours is worth so much.

This post is for my friend Sofia.

In school.

Hi! ♥

Now I'm sitting in school and have computer lesson. I think I'll make a new header. My header I have now is so summery. It's autumn outside now so I'll have my header more autumnal.

I will ask my friend Sofia if she can help me with it because she have Photoshop. She makes so nice designs!!

I must go now!
Have a good day.

Bye from Elin! ♥


Hello! ♥

Sorry for a bad update!!

Now I´m sitting at Karolina's place and eating breakfast. I came here at 7:20 and now we're waiting for our bus.

I have not much to write about, it has not happened so much.
We have just had a lot of homework in school, so it will be very nice with holiday next week!

Love Elin. ♥

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