Merry Christmas!

The picture is the heading ♥


My Christmas outfit for this year:


Hello my readers.. ♥
It was long time ago I wrote now, so I thought I'd just throw in a quick post.

Today, last day of school was vary clam, just movies and other fun stuff. And tomorrow is the end.. FINALLY!! It means christmas holiday.
I'll show my outfit for New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve later.

Have a good christmas holiday!!
Hugs Elin. ♥

My day..


Hello! ♥

Today we had a math test in school which I think went okay. And I also got back a spanish test, and I was very proud when I saw the result!!

When I got home I went out and took some pictures because it's students choice next week and I, and two other friends choose scrapbooking and we must have with us at least ten pictures, so now I have a bit to choose from.

Have a good weekend!
Hugs! ♥

Sibling love. ♥

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